There is most likely one near your store, and the people in the
Phoenix area have the tendency to take advantage of that fact in
creative ways. It's more humane than human signs; so we have
no reason to disagree with that advertising technique and we
will gladly help you claim, and use, the nearest bus stop shelter:
if that is what we think is best for your company's image.

The fact that people enjoy these from the side walk
and the street make them an exciting canvas.

Wether or not your advertisements are going to be near
shopping malls or demographically specific neighborhoods
will be on our minds when we are designing these advertisements.

These are offered by Write
Marketing Off because they are
actually a very unique place to
advertise. A variety of companies
use them and as a result when
there is a great design it really
stands out and makes the
company that is advertising
look even more appealing.