Door hangers are similar to everything else that we offer:

It takes time and careful consideration to make it look respectable
when it is on the door and in the target markets hand.
Both impressions matter: the first impression and the impression
the consumers get when reading the informative content.

We don't rush the design process, and we shouldn't:
after all, writing off this expense allows both of us to create
something that we are proud of when it is distributed; even in
unusual neighborhoods and snobby office buildings.

Craigslist is there for you to post an add if you need someone to
distribute these for you: make it clear to whoever distributes them
that they can, and need to be, hung on door knobs; not handed out.


Some people rudely knock on
doors when they are distributing
promotional material.

Door hangers don't make your
target audience wonder why
strangers are knocking on their
door; interupting their busy day
and invading their privacy.