Every once and a while people receive a full color envelope in the mail that was
sent with the intentions of informing interested parties about goods and services
that are available to them. Usually the art design is clearly lacking personality and
creativity, and as a result the mailed advertisement is usually considered junk mail.

We work hard to create an intriguing and unique design and concept, so your direct
mailings are actually thought provoking enough for the recipient to read while they
decide if they should keep what your company sent, or if they should throw it away
like it's just another average piece of junk mail.

Your current look, and ad campaign's theme can and will be used if we believe it
can effectively help your mailing get read. Art themes that match your current
television commercial and/or bill board might also be a worthwhile option
when we create envelopes for your brand.

Writing off the cost of custom
designed envelopes makes your
direct mailing campaign more
effective than most.