Mechanics, tow truck drivers, and triple a should thank Write Marketing Off for including this
product: they can make sure their customers have the phone numbers they need most when
they are having problems with their automobile and need to hire someone as soon as possible.

Distributing keys with a custom key chain usually leaves a lasting impression with new residents
after they sign a new lease.

Storage facility customers walk away with nothing but an average key from an average lock more
often than they should. We believe creative reminders that their belongings are safe give peace of
mind to customers while providing other people with facts that your storage company is different
than all of the other "climate controlled" facilities with "24 hour access".

Taxi companies that offer free rides home to drunk drivers should distribute free key chains that
can be used when a phone, a car, and their company's key chain are all the new customers need
to have when they decide to take advantage of the free service that was promoted wisely and
promoted again with a flyer offering free key chains.

Some companies distribute keys to
their customers when giving people
what they paid for. Many industries
should be thoughtful and make their
contact information available for
customers to quickly use when they
need to hire them again, and other
businesses specialize in products
that are almost always secured by
lock & key.