Magnets with contact information can easily make your restaurant a quick option for your
regular customers to choose after they close their refrigerator and decide to order take out.
Some companies can include specials like sports season game night deals. We can design them
in a way that makes your brand image friendly, fun, and a perfect choice for game nights.

If you don't want to make your store cluttered while distributing magnets, we can design a
post card that includes a perforated magnet for recipients to use, after they receive your
fancy post card in the mail.

Ads for upcoming sales and events that your company is promoting can e mailed on a post
card that includes a magnetic reminder. Doing so separates your company from your
competition in a way that customers can truly appreciate when they actually show up and enjoy
what you have to offer as a result of noticing the magnet on the day of the event.

Helpful content, such as including a food pyramid for a dietitian to remind clients what they
should consume is a example of how average businesses can benefit from using magnets in
a creative way.

Promotional magnets; are visible to
everyone in the building throughout
the day, and they are usually used
by the target audience for months
and sometimes years.