USB is a form of technology that has been integrated into society in
a manner that makes the demand for these contstant. Computers,
Televisions, Stereos, etc. use them these days. If you have videos such
as youtube video content or tradeshow DVDs we can also put the files
on the pen drives you order, so people your sales people interact with
can learn more and/or explain why your product is a good choice.

According to current tax laws: If a marketing gift costs more than $4.
You are not allowed to deduct more than $25 total in business gifts
to any one person each year. We believe pen drives, also known as
USB thumb drives, are usually the best way for the average business
to reach and use that write off limit.
A company orders 1,000 Pen Drives with its name and logo printed
on them and distributes them at book fairs, book stores,
and conventions.

Sales people usually have to
give a valuable gift in order to
get potential clients to stop
what they are doing and start
learning about the products
and services that are being