Great for audiences that attend trade shows like Comic-Con and definitely
worth purchasing as long as your can write them off, especially when you
consider how much you have to pay for a booth space. If the convention
you plan on using it at has a theme that can be incorporated into your
design, so shoppers can enjoy the way your really there for them, creatively
contributing to the scene in a way that might even out do the official
convention's look and art; we will do our best to come up with a way of
incorporating the convention's theme into the design, if you would like us to.

Full color throws are suggested, so we can make sure your table throws
look matches your website and all of your other marketing materials. We
also understand if and when a table throw with just your logo is the best
choice for your particular company and booth.

We offer table throws to our customers, because we believe they should
have the opportunity to hire the people who designed the normal art
that they regularly use to advertise, when they order their table throw.


Table throws are for buisnesses that
set up booths at trade shows, and
they are also useful if your company
uses tables in a similar way.

We believe yours should be designed
and colored in a way that strengthens
your booths visual appeal.