There are a lot of things that can entertain anyone who ends up on
your channel, and your budget dictates many of the
production's aspects.

Monthly videos written off for each tax period aren't a bad thing to
work towards scripting and creating with us, but we will honestly
help you admit when enough content is enough content. allows you to distribute the equivalent of a trade show
for free, forever: smart entrepreneurs realize they can use the
free website to teach consumers about their goods and services;
each and every day of the year, every year for as many years as they
would like to simply by uploading a video that they are proud of.

Remember: you can also order a DVD and/or Blu-ray from us with
the same or similar content, to distribute it to people who don't
use computers when they shop: in you store, at trade shows, etc.

You don't have to have a website;
and even if you do, you can put
the same or similar content that
we produce for your channel on it.